Harris Ranch Beef Company

Beef Meat Stall - Specialty Meat Markets in Hacienda Heights,CA
Our meat is USDA Choice, All-Natural Grown from Harris Ranch. It is 100% Natural with no Growth Hormones or Additives.

For nearly 50 years, Harris Ranch Beef Company has continually striven to produce the highest quality beef in the world. Harris Ranch has always taken great pride in raising its beef to be as pure and great tasting as nature intended. This tradition of quality is evident in all of our beef products—you can truly taste the difference. We are located in Hacienda Heights, California.

We Serve Only the Freshest Meat

"At Harris Ranch, our cattle spend approximately 80% of the time grazing on grass on western ranches. We finish them for a brief period of time -- typically about 120 days -- on a nutritionally balanced diet of feed grains, alfalfa hay, vitamins, and minerals. This is what adds flavor, tenderness, and juiciness to the beef."
Harris Ranch Meats - Specialty Meat Markets in Hacienda Heights,CA
High Quality Meat - Specialty Meat Markets in Hacienda Heights,CA